Indigenous Institutes Consortium


Indigenous Institutes Consortium (IIC) Building Condition Assessments

Philip Brearton, Project Lead
Kevin Shaw, Building Science Lead
Kelly Worden, Project Manager
Roja Varzegani, Project Coordinator
Roger Ramsden, Project Coordinator
Justin Wong, Project Coordinator

Solucore Inc. – Elevator Consultant

Kevin Martin
KLM Tech

Cion Corp. was selected in a competitive public tender to conduct building condition assessments for the Indigenous Institute Consortium (IIC), which included a portfolio of 16 educational institute facilities operated by seven separate Indigenous educational institutes and under jurisdiction of the IIC.

The portfolio was spread across Ontario and SW Quebec. Facility ages ranged between century buildings and newly constructed, but uncommissioned, facilities. Both leased and owned buildings by the educational institutes were included in the study. Construction types included conventional construction, prefabricated buildings, along with a traditional constructed wood and cedar bark longhouse. The project was a fast-track 16-week schedule during the pandemic.  The site visits were conducted following special COVID-19 protocols for the safety of the institute and project staff.

The BCA audits required on-site assessment of property components following the Uniformat Level II classification system to develop a 25-year capital asset plan.  Whole building replacement costs and facility condition indexes (FCIs) were calculated for each facility. Prioritized capital repair and replacement plans were provided for each facility. Cion also provided the building cost scenarios for IIC’s multi-level financial analysis for the planned renewal and upgrading of the Facilities. The scenarios needed to meet a target FCI, while meeting the future programming needs of the specific educational institute.

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