Canada Post Edmonton Dock Apron Replacement

Kelly Worden, Team Lead, Cion
Jan Steingahs, Architectural Design, NORR

Infin8 Consulting Group Ltd

Ms. Syeda Ahmad
Project Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services Inc.

Cion Corp and NORR were retained to provide consulting services for the replacement of the existing loading dock apron and to create a new vestibule for a cardboard compactor at the Canada Post Edmonton Mail Processing Plant (EMPP) in Edmonton, Alberta. The replacement includes upgrading the structural slab strength and adding thermal insulation to prevent frost heaving. Site drainage (i.e. storm water management) was also improved within the design.

Cion and NORR collaborated with the site assessment and measurement take-off. Formal drawings and specifications were developed to allow for a competitive bid. Upon design approval by Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services Inc. (JLL), the project proceeded to a competitive tender. Through the construction process, site inspections were conducted to confirm the work is in general conformance with the design drawings.

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