Window wall replacement


Window Wall Replacement Solves Air and Water Leaks at Toronto High-Rise Condominium

Air and water leaks, noise and excessive heat and cold plagued a high-rise condominium tower on Toronto’s waterfront. The building required fenestration renewal to remedy the multiple issues.

Fenestration refers to openings in a building’s façade – typically windows, doors, skylights, vents, etc. – and is a crucial component of the building envelope. While such components are typically thought of as aesthetic features, performance of a building is greatly impacted by such components that allow passage from outside to inside.

Cion was retained to assess fenestration renewal completed by a previous consultant and contractor at the penthouse levels of the building. The previous project had been drastically over budget and the cause of a special assessment.

Building Envelope Renewal

Cion was hired, under intense scrutiny, to ensure the balance of the multi-year building envelope renewal continued smoothly, within budget, and of minimal disruption to tenants. A survey was written and distributed to all owners to identify concerns that affected their enjoyment of the building.

Toronto High-Rise Condominium

Intrusive inspections were conducted by Cion to confirm leakage paths and the hidden conditions. Leakage issues in a building are typically caused through cracks in the building envelope. These leakages not only lead to occupant discomfort but also increase energy demands and can cause a host of other challenges, including condensation, which can lead to mould or rot.

Options provided to tenants and Board

Three rendered options of different window wall configuration and colour schemes were provided along with construction cost estimates and a construction schedule. The options were presented to the condominium’s Board of Directors in a formal meeting and were exhibited in the building lobby to elicit feedback from owners.

The preferred option was selected by the Board, and Cion was retained to continue with tendering and contract administration. A general contractor was awarded the project and a building permit issued based on Cion’s permit set of drawings. The project is currently in the construction phase.A window wall replacement procedure is being conducted in the-fully occupied building inhabited by a significant retired population. The building is in a busy urban setting with no setbacks to city sidewalks.

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